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​​The Atlanta Black Theatre Festival is one of the biggest storytelling festivals in the nation celebrating the African diaspora. A showcase of 40 plays in just four days, focuses on embracing the African heritage by honoring artists and their stories.  Supporting diversity and the colorful stories of triumph, the fall festival is celebrating its sixth anniversary by bringing you world-class entertainment from self-producing playwrights and artists from all over the world.

In just a few short years, the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival has burst on to the Atlanta theater scene, presenting over 200 live events by 1,300 literary, fine and performing artists. Whether you're a fan of Tyler Perry or August Wilson, there's something for everyone at this popular fall festival! 

We welcome all who enjoy the experience of a marathon festival of theatre and art to join in the celebration! The schedule of events and festival theatre tickets will be available on 6/15/17. 

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