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"I was thrilled and honored to have my work chosen for the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival. The materials, communication, and excellent website information were all testimonials to your extraordinary organizational skills. The reports of our cast, as well as other Festival attendees, all mentioned how beautifully coordinated everything was. Your amazing vision as  Producer and Artistic Director of the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival is truly impressive. Warm best wishes and thanks for all you do,"     - Sandra Seaton, Nationally acclaimed playwright and winner of the distinguished Mark Twain Award

"I’d like to once again thank you and the festival committee for the opportunity to be onstage as part of your awesome festival.  I have had other works read or produced in past events, but none as prestigious or professionally conducted as yours.  It pushed me to new heights, pulling in a top director and cast worthy of a full production.  And I enjoyed the experience immensely.  ...All questions were answered, all problems were resolved cheerfully and efficiently.  I enjoyed working with such pros."  -Roz Ayers-Williams, Acclaimed playwright and winner of Black Women in Jazz Award for Playwriting; Former Senior Editor for Black Enterprise Magazine.

"I continue to reflect on the amazing weekend of theater you visioned and manifested in Atlanta!  It is indeed a testament to your skills as a producer that such a magnificent event came into existence.  Thank you for including me in it and reaching out to Spelman to be included.  It was an excellent opportunity to share and learn."  -Alia Jones-Harvey, Olivier Award winner, Tony Nominee and Acclaimed Broadway Producer (Broadway Producing Credits: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof starring James Earl Jones, Trip to Bountiful starring Cicely Tyson, Eclipse starring Lupita Nyong'o)

In order to streamline our processing and devote time to serious inquiries, all incomplete applications will be deleted from our system 30 minutes after submitting if payment is not processed. Thank you for your understanding.  

IMPORTANT: Each item with an asterisk (*) requires a response in order to access the "SUBMIT" button. Enter "N/A" for any question that does not apply to your submission. 


Online Submission Application

Our relentless national search to bring the best plays and performing artists to the stage in Atlanta, Georgia is now over for 2017! 

If you missed this year's open submission period, we are so sorry.  We encourage you to join our email list for updates and mark your calendar for next year.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival and invite your to join us for the best fall festival in Atlanta!



Festival Dates:

The nation's only Afro-Centric

Children's PlayFest!

September 30, 2017


40 Plays in 4 Days

October 4-7, 2017 


Are you interested in submitting your play or artistic work to the 2017 Atlanta Black Theatre Festival (ABTF)?   We'd love to have you!  Our submission period runs from January 1st to March 1st every year.


The ABTF is a world class self-producing platform for playwrights and artists from all over the world to showcase their work in Atlanta. The festival is professionally managed by Micah 6-8 Media, LLC, a festival management company.  

Our prime aim is to create and expand opportunities for seasoned and emerging artists to affordably produce plays in Atlanta. We accept all submissions; however, we especially seek cutting edge, original productions from all people of color and various ethnic backgrounds. Those whose works fall outside the parameters of traditional or mainstream venues are welcome. We do NOT exclude anyone based on race or ethnic origin.

We also welcome presentations from all genres of the performing arts including solo performances, classical, traditional, urban contemporary, comedy, revivals, drama, musical theatre, physical, spoken word, puppetry, theatre for social change, historical or period themes, monologues, short plays, dance etc. 

Acceptance to the ABTF is highly competitive. Our audiences consist of thousands of artists and patrons from all over the world seeking unique yet quality artistic experiences.  Please present your best possible, completed submission package for consideration. 

Each event is mounted every two hours, back-to-back with a maximum running time of 90-minutes. This allows 30 minutes between shows to reset for the next performance (20 mins to load-in and set up and 10 mins. to strike and exit). Set and performance demands MUST be able to meet these stringent time constraints. This format is customary in many festival settings. The audience is seated 10 mins prior to curtain regardless of cast readiness. Late starts/strikes are strictly prohibited and subject to additional festival fees.


Each accepted submission will be placed into one of two categories. 

A. Full-length Performance (FLP) - This is a juried selection of fully mounted, self-produced performances with low impact set requirements.  All actors are off book.  All FLP submissions are placed on the festival schedule based on the suitability of the performance for that date, time and setting and the availability of space.  

B. Special Events (SE) - Acceptance in this category is not as competitive simply because there are more performance opportunities. Once approved, these submissions are presented by the Festival.  Spaces are assigned first come and based on programming needs. SEs give artists the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of participation without the associated financial risks.



As a festival participant, we want you to get the full experience. Your acceptance affords you to the opportunity to:

  • enjoy access to the festival events as a VIP at no additional cost.
  • acquire perpetual worldwide prestige and recognition of having participated in the ABTF as a producer or presenter
  • share ideas with other artists and experts.
  • showcase your best work to other producers and theatre companies in attendance for possible bookings and tours.
  • industry networking and professional development.
  • gain tremendous exposure and grow your audience.
  • opportunity to be recognized and acknowledged by others during the festival and the Celebrity Gala/Awards Ceremony.
  • learn, grow and engage with our Board of Advisors, a roster of acclaimed producers, playwrights and distinguished academia.
  • produce or develop your work in an extremely supportive and creative environment.

It is important to note that we are a unique hybrid of what we consider the best of many festival formats--NOT to be compared to anyone. Our reputation speaks for itself, as one producer expressed, "the ABTF is the most sought after festival showcasing diversity in the arts in the U.S... especially for artists of the African diaspora"  We consider that a statement of tremendous honour and work hard to keep it that way.  Again if you are willing to work hard, and you have a high standard of artistic excellence, regardless of your level of experience, you are welcome to join the ABTF family of self-producing artists! 


Festival Fees:

The ABTF consists of 40+ events all woven together to create a spectacular artistic experience for performers and patrons. Producers and presenters share the basic costs of producing the festival via a Festival Fee. However, producers receive 100% of base ticket proceeds.*

Main Stage Per Performance: $1800

Seating Capacity: 500

Basic Ticket Price Cap: $20*

Maximum Earning Potential: $10,000 per performance

Black Box Per Performance: $650

Seating Capacity: 140

Base Ticket Price Cap: $15*

Maximum Earning Potential: $2100

Festival Fees for Full-length (Main Stage and Black Box) performances include:

  • venue/space rental
  • *base ticket proceeds minus any cc processing fees
  • general liability insurance (as required by the facility)
  • front house management
  • trained ushers and ticket takers 
  • ticket page set-up and box office mgmt
  • event graphic image w/ hyperlink to ticket page on website program page
  • one sound/lighting tech (board operator)
  • a pre-set basic lighting plot
  • use of dressing rooms 20 mins prior; 10 mins post performance 
  • 90 min. pre-show onsite tech consult (sound/light check)
  • overall festival marketing and promotion
  • listing in "ABTF Schedule At-a-Glance" 
  • one on one marketing consultation
  • training webinar: "Your Success at the Fest"
  • training webinar: "40 Ways to Get Butts in Seats"
  • one on one technical phone consultation
  • security (as required by the facility)
  • two VIP passes to the closing Celebrity Gala/Awards Ceremony
  • use of universal set pieces (sofa, table, chair)
  • Bonus: One All Access Producer's Red Pass ($150 value)

Additional fees for services (optional and based on availability):
  • lighting design (main stage only) - $50/hr
  • additional techs/crew- $20/hr
  • Supplemental Internet Advertising Pkg: Banner ads, social media posting and advertising.- $200 - $350
  • rehearsal studio space (2-hour time slots) -$25
  • Gold or Red Passes for cast/crew (50% off)
  • front projector and/or screen - $75/show

*Finances for the Festival for FLPs: 

Fiscally speaking, producing a full-length performance at the ABTF will not make you rich. It is possible, however, to cover your expenses for travel, fees and a modest profit with some good old fashioned hard work and community support. 

The ABTF and its representatives make no guarantees or claims regarding ticket sales/proceed. All projections are estimated and each outcome varies. Participation is one hundred percent at risk. The base ticket price is set by the Producer and subject to approval by the Festival.  

Full-length performances (FLP) are based on a straight rental/hire agreement. That means, 100% of the base ticket price minus all credit card processing fees are retained by you, the producer, provided all of the Terms and Conditions of Participation are met. Taxes and a modest ticket handling fee is added to the base ticket price and paid by the patron. 

When planning your budget it is important to also consider: 

  • travel, meals and accommodations
  • marketing and advertising
  • cast/crew compensation
  • costumes
  • set design and materials
  • printing

Marketing Your Show: 

Full-length Producers receive 100% of the base ticket proceeds. Guess who is responsible for 100% of the marketing?  The producer is responsible for getting butts in the seats!  Although we will provide consultation, it's ultimately up to you to make it happen. Again, with a realistic budget and hard work you can relatively easily cover your expenses for travel, fees and a maybe even a modest profit. 

It is also important to note that in this digital age, your success has nothing to do with where you are located. Our most successful producers tour from out of state. They do however, plan their work and work their plan to reap the benefits. During your scheduled one on one telephone marketing consultation, we'll be happy to share the best practices that have garnered the most successful producers a full house!

*Additionally, the festival reserves the right to retain up to 15% of the house seats for guest producers, media, volunteers, bundle offers, marketing and promotion, etc. based on availability.


Special Events are a very popular part of the festival programming. Marketing is handled by the Festival and all ticket proceeds are retain by the festival.  Participants enjoy the perks and benefits of festival participation without the financial risk.

Categories and Festival Fees for SE participation are as follows:

  • Reader's Theatre Series of Original Works (60-90 mins): Staged or table readings of original works presented to a live audience with feedback. - Main Stage $195, Black Box $165
  • Creative Conference ( 60-75 mins): Authors, speakers, experts and industry professionals present master classes and discuss issues that affect our community and/or industry. (Studio Rm) - $165 (includes a lobby exhibit table for two hours upon request) 

The Festival Fees for Special Events includes the following:

  • One all access presenter's Red Pass ($150 value)
  • venue/space rental (does not include tech support)
  • table and chairs (upon request)
  • general liability insurance as required by the facility
  • house management
  • trained ushers
  • professional marketing and promotion of your submission
  • handling of your merchandise in festival stores (10% stocking fee)
  • marketing webinars 
  • one on one marketing consultation
  • two complimentary tickets to Celebrity Gala/Awards Ceremony
  • submission feedback and/or promotion of professional services
  • one on one consultation with writing coach (for readings)
  • security as required by the venue
  • 50% off Gold Passes for cast or panelists. (Includes the Creative Conference!)
  • casting support and assistance as needed

Additional fees for services (optional and based on availability):

  • lighting design (main stage only) - $50/hr
  • tech/crew- $20/hr
  • Supplemental Internet Advertising Pkg: Banner ads, social media posting and advertising.- $200 - $350
  • rehearsal studio space (2-hour time slots) -$25
  • front projector and/or screen - $75

Marketing Your Special Event (SE):

The festival encourages and welcomes self-promotion of Special Events presenters. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to invite friends and family to see your work. Otherwise, we take care of all marketing and promotion. Although, we can not guarantee attendance. 


Submissions are automatically considered for all categories. Submissions are judged by a jury of patrons, volunteers and festival staff and accepted based on the following:

Artistic Quality (40 points)

  • Innovation and creativity
  • Uniqueness and development of story line and characterization
  • Demonstrated ability of the artists' work, presentation and commitment to diversity
  • Captivating title and intriguing synopsis with high-quality public appeal

Production Value (20 points)

  • Low impact set requirements (ie, ease of set up/strike)
  • Total run time w/o intermission (<90 mins.)

Administrative Capability (40 points)

  • Capacity to meet Festival objectives
  • Evidence of the capacity to execute an effective plan for ticket sales and promotion
  • Capacity to work cooperatively and professionally with all Festival staff and volunteers
  • Capacity to work within the established structure and framework of the Festival.



1. Complete the online application on this page in its entirety.

2. Upload a .pdf file of your formatted script as provided in the application.

3. Enter a video recorded link of the performance, dress rehearsal or stage reading of your play/submission in the space provided in the application. Be sure the link does not require a password and is accessible.

Note: If you have not already done so, please do NOT incur the expense of having your work professionally video taped.  A camera phone, ipad or tablet of a self-recorded submission is sufficient. You will NOT be judged on the quality of the video.

4. After clicking "SUBMIT", process your non-refundable Submission Application Fee payable via "Pay Now" button as follows:

Application Fees:

Full-length Performance and Special Event Consideration:

$25 on/before Feb. 1st

$45 after Feb. 1st

NOTE: You are welcome to submit more than one application; however, each submission must be accompanied by its own application and fee.



Applications must be completed in its entirety and payments processed immediately therafter. Incomplete submissions will AUTOMATICALLY be deleted from our system without a response.  Please note: We do NOT provide feedback or critique scripts.

All applicants will be notified of their submission status via email no later than March 15th.  Please contact us immediately if you have not received an email by March 15th, but NOT before.

Please mark these important dates:

01/01        -Submissions are open

03/01        -Submissions are closed

03/15        -Final notifications of submission status

03/20        -7:30pm: "Welcome! Your Success in the Fest" Webinar

03/31        -Space Hold $ (1/3 of total Fest Fee) and contracts due.

04/03        -Waitlist activated and notifications sent. 

05/31        -2nd payment (1/3 of Festival Fee) due.

06/06        -7:30pm: "40 Ways to Get Butts in Seats" Webinar

06/15        -Ticket sales go live!

08/01        -Final payment (1/3 of Festival Fee) due.

09/30        -Preview Weekend- Children's PlayFest

10/04 -7    -Festival Dates

*All times are Eastern Standard Time Zone

​We look forward to working with you towards creating another  ABTF success. Join us as we make history and tell our stories!


Do you have an upcoming show? Invite a representative to preview your work. We ask that you provided two comp tickets. Representatives are available in most regions!  


Updated 3/16/17  All terms/offers are subject to change.